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Protection Against Psychic Attack
by Brother A. A.

As you progress along your spiritual path, you'll undoubtedly pique the interest of others, both incarnate and disincarnate. Those incarnated in the flesh may be tempted to attack you psychically in order to elevate themselves. The net result of their attack is to hinder their spiritual growth. At the same time, you may experience some negativity in your life because of their negative energy. You can protect yourself against these attacks.

Those not incarnated in the flesh are usually, but not always, more benign. They usually just want to get your attention to deliver a message for them to somebody residing in the flesh. Occasionally, they want to talk with you, to warn you of some coming event, to persuade you to change your ways, or just to chat with somebody who'll listen. It's good to remember, when working with disincarnate entities, that they're not all Holy people. In fact, they're just exactly the same person they were when they died except they no longer have a physical vehicle.

The disincarnate may communicate with you in any number of ways including:

  1. Visual: by showing you themselves or other things

  2. Auditory: by speaking to you or making other sounds

  3. Tactile: by touching you or causing sensations on or within your skin

  4. Olfactory: by causing odors to affect your sense of smell

  5. Gustatory: by causing tastes to affect your tongue

  6. Psychic: by attempting to cause you some sort of harm

The incarnate may also attempt to harm you psychically by using any one or more of those same techniques in their psychic attack. They may send you pictures, messages, sensory perceptions, odors or tastes. More likely they will attempt to harm you in a physical or emotional manner, to cause you physical injury, to induce a heart attack, to choke you, to induce fear and terror, or great sadness and depression.

By whatever method your assailant may attack you or benign entities may intrude into your mind, you have at your disposal a most helpful form of protection called the Sphere of Protection. When used to protect yourself against psychic attack, use the following adjustments or additions to the Sphere of Protection. The adjustments may be substituted for the intentions of the Sphere of Protection, but our intention is to add them to the Sphere. That way you have two layers of protection against attack. These are the suggested adjustments or additions:


The Element of Air is associated with sound, any kind of sound including psychic or disincarnate voices. When banishing Air also banish all unwanted voices and sounds.


The Element of Fire is associated with sight, any form of visual aid including their physical body when incarnate here on Earth. When banishing Fire also banish all unwanted visions of every kind.


The Element of Water is associated with touching and emotions including all sensations to the skin. When banishing Water also banish all sense of touch. Unwanted emotions are included in the regular Sphere of Protection.


The Element of Earth is associated with both taste and smell including all unsolicited smells and tastes. When banishing Earth also banish all unsolicited tastes and smells.


There may be times when you want these intrusions, or at least some of them. These times include an emergency and anytime you voluntarily want to speak with disincarnate beings. When invoking Spirit you can indicate such times or establish a signal so disincarnate beings know this is the time you will offer them an audience.

Several years ago when I did a lot of trance mediumship and channeling I used the symbol for Spirit Above anytime during the day when I was willing to open myself to disincarnate beings. I still use that symbol and I always state my specific purpose when using it. I've had to stop opening myself to all the entities that want to talk. There's just not enough time in the day to listen to every one of them. But, I do allow urgent messages for people I know at the end of my sessions.

These simple techniques really do work. The secret is to learn the Sphere of Protection very well first. Then expand it to include psychic protection. The alternative is to do the Sphere of Protection and follow that with a Sphere of Psychic Protection. This second method is suggested to those people who have a problem receiving too much information from the other side. After a few days or weeks, when the individual has solved his or her psychic problem, the two rituals may be combined into one.

If, after using the Sphere of Protection for several days you still experience unwanted communications, we suggest you try the Essene Healing Breath to raise your vibration level. Perform the Sphere of Protection, spend ten to fifteen minutes doing the Essene Healing Breath Meditation, and then perform the Sphere of Psychic Protection. After several days or a few weeks this can all be compressed down into one expanded version of the Sphere of Protection.

If, and this is extremely unlikely, after a few weeks you still have difficulty with unwanted communications, please consider speaking with one of our approved (member of Order) Spiritual Coaches.

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